YouTube Search Volume, Historical Trend Chart, Video Insights, Tag Volumes & more

four features added to YouTube


Search Volume

Keywords Everywhere shows the monthly search volume, CPC, competition & 12 month trend data for every search on YouTube.

Since YouTube does not release any search volume data, this is volume data from Google Keyword Planner

YouTube search volume data

Search Insights Widget

For every search that you make, the tool looks at the data for all the results that are shown on the page and provides you with a YouTube Insights widget with a bunch of useful data.

The Detailed Breakdown link shows you the data for each of the videos in detail, so that you can verify the calculations made by the tool.

YouTube Insights Widget

Trend Chart Widget

For every search that you perform, the tool shows a widget at the top right that shows the trend for that search from 2008. Paying customers see the exact historical search volume

YouTube Trend Chart

Tag Widget

For every video that you watch, the tool shows a widget that lists all the tags that have been added to the video.

You can also see the monthly search volume, CPC, competition & trend data.

YouTube Tag Widget

View search volume, CPC, competition & 12 month trend data on your favourite websites

Keywords Everywhere allows access to keyword metrics for any list of keywords and lets you download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.

Import your keywords & download all the data in Excel, CSV or PDF


Keywords Everywhere's Additional Features

Keywords Everywhere features you can't miss

Country specific search

Country specific search volume data on the keyword tool of your choice

Bulk Keywords Data

Let's you import your keywords in bulk and get their volume metrics

My Keywords

Saves your keywords and allows you to export keywords in bulk

Analyze Page Content

Finds all keywords on any webpage and shows you the volume metrics

Organic Ranking Keywords

Finds all keywords that any webpage ranks for in the first three pages of the SERPs

Add all keywords

Allows you to add all keywords found on the page

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