New to Keywords Everywhere?

This article will explain what it is, how it works, and how to get started with it

What is Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is a freemium chrome extension and firefox add-on.

The free version has the following features

  • See Related keywords on Google & Bing, People Also Search For (PASF) keywords on Google (no volume data).

  • See YouTube insights & YouTube Tags (no volume data).

  • Analyze any URL to get the list of keywords in the content of the page, the density of those keywords (no volume data)

The paid version has the following features

  • Everything the free version has with accurate monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data.

  • Support for 15+ websites, including Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Google Search Console, Google Analytics.

  • Import your keywords to see accurate monthly search volume, CPC, and competition for them.

How much does it cost to use?

We've kept the pricing extremely low so that it costs the average user around $2 a month.

You can also setup Keywords Everywhere for extremely low usage.
For example if you only have Google Search enabled (no related & pasf widgets), and do on an average say 100 searches a day, it will cost you only 30 days x 100 = 3000 credits a month i.e. it will cost you only $3.6/yr to use Keywords Everywhere.

When do I need to pay?

You need to purchase credits only if you want to see the monthly search volume, CPC, and competition numbers.

Every time the extension gets volume data for a single keyword, it uses up one of your credits. Here is an article with more details on how credits work.

If you only care about the keywords shown in the Related & PASF widgets, and the YouTube insights, then you can use the extension for free without any need to pay.

How do I setup Keywords Everywhere and start using it?

Make sure you go through the following instructions

  • First, you need to install the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on

  • Once you've installed the extension/add-on, you need to sign up for an API key and set it up.

  • Click the "K" icon at the top right of your browser. In the popup that opens, at the bottom, you will find the link to buy credits. Clicking this link will take you to the pricing page where you can choose the package you want to buy. Once the payment goes through, your account will automatically get the credits you've purchased.

Here is a YouTube video that explains the setup process as well as how you can use the tool.

Once everything is set up, do read through this article on how to save credits, so that you can minimize your Keyword Everywere spend to just a few cents every day.

I have some questions/issues. What do I do?

You can check our FAQs for any common questions, or simply email us at

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