How to make your Keywords Everywhere credits last as long as possible

From 1st Oct, Keywords Everywhere has become a paid tool.
In this article we discuss the best ways to ensure you and your team use the least amounts of credits.

You can disable the extension when you're not in keyword research mode

Keywords Everywhere uses credits every time you visit any of our supported websites. So even if you are just googling away for personal searches, Keywords Everywhere will use up credits to show you search volume and other data. To ensure that you don't use up credits unnecessarily, you can disable the extension by clicking the on/off button in the extension popup menu. See the screenshot below.

Disable Extension

How credits are used in various supported websites & how you can minimize usage

AutoComplete on Google, Amazon, YouTube etc
As you are performing a search, these websites auto-complete your searches by showing you a list of suggested keywords. Keywords Everywhere gets volume data for these suggestions and uses up one credit for every suggestion. You can disable this functionality by unchecking the option "Show Metrics in Autocomplete Suggestion Drop Downs" (earlier called "Show metrics for suggestions") in the Miscellaneous section of the settings page. Disable Search widgets (Widgets on the right-hand side)
On, where you see the Related & People also ask for widgets, one credit will be used for the main search query, and one credit for every keyword shown in these widgets. As an example, when you do a search, and you see 8 keywords in the Related widget and 20 keywords in the PASF widget, you will be charged 1 (original query) + 8 + 20 = 29 credits. Depending on how many keywords the PASF widget shows for your query, this can cost you a lot. You can disable the widgets from getting volume data automatically by unchecking the two settings - "Related Widget (" & "PASF Widget (". When these are disabled, no volume data is shown. However, you will be shown a button which will let you manually get the volume data for these keywords.

Disable Related & PASF widgets In the above screenshot, you will notice that the YouTube (Tags) setting is also disabled. This works the same way - when it is enabled it automatically shows the volume data in the Tags widget that Keywords Everywhere shows on the YouTube video page.

Google Search Console, Google Analytics
Keywords Everywhere will add new columns to websites like Google Search Console & Google Analytics. If you find yourself scrolling through pages of keywords and every page shows 500 keywords, then 500 credits will be used up for every page refresh. If you don't want to be using credits at this time, you can disable the extension and then re-enable when you are done.

Keyword Tools like Answer The Public, Soovle
Keyword tools often show you tens of thousands of long-tail keywords. One credit is used up for every keyword that is shown to you.

Import Keywords
You use up as many credits as the total number of keywords you paste into the Import Keywords page

Analyze Page
The Analyze Page feature will use as many credits as the total number of keywords found on the page. Note that depending on the content you are analyzing this can use up a Lot of credits very quickly.

My Keywords Page
Every time you see the keywords in your "My Keywords" page, the software gets the latest volume data. In this case, we charge only 1/5th of the total number of keywords shown on the page. For e.g. if you see 20 keywords on the page, then we only deduct 4 credits from your account. This is done so as to stop potential abuse of the "My Keywords" section, since the latest data is always fetched. If you find yourself visiting the My Keywords page often, then it might make sense to export the list of keywords and then work with them offline.