Changelog for the Chrome extension & Firefox add-on

- Trend Chart - New trend line + download chart image
- Fixed issue due to Claude UI changes
- Fixed issue with Gemini
- Fixed issue with Instagram engagement metrics calculations
- Fixed issue with trend chart

- Upgraded ChartJS library
- Brought back total indexed pages in Google
- Fixed issue with link metrics popup

- New Topical keywords widget on Google
- Fix Google Trends chart on Google Trends page
- Show Trend chart button when Google Trends API errors out
- Show Pinterest Pin data on more pages

- Twitter migrated to Made changes to support this.
- Updated settings page to make it easier for users
- Instagram made some changes that broke the metrics widget. Fixed.
- Fixed issue with Pinterest Search Insights & Trend chart

- ChatGPT changed domain to Made changes to support this.

- New pinterest metrics for individual pins
- New prompt templates for Claude & Gemini
- New YouTube summary feature
- Removed support for Answer The Public

- Added copy/export button to auto-suggest drop downs on all supported websites
- Added support for Google Analytics 4
- Fixed issue with Google Keyword Planner
- Fixed issue with Competitor Gap Analysis
- Fixed issue with dark mode in Google & Twitter

- New feature: Twitter Metrics
- Fixed issue with YouTube Ranking Difficulty
- Fixed issue with statistics not being shown for all videos on YouTube
- Fixed issue with Pinterest widget overlap

- Fixed YouTube channel views metric
- Fixed YouTube engagement metric on shorts
- Fixed issue with ChatGPT prompt templates link being hidden in white theme
- Fixed Instagram profile metrics widget

- New Analyze Page DOM Content Feature
- New Instagram Feature - Channel Metrics
- Fixed issue with ChatGPT templates
- Fixed issue with YouTube Engagement Score

- ChatGPT Templates - Browse URLs feature
- New Instagram Bulk Hashtags feature
- Fixed issue with Find long-tail keywords feature
- Fixed issue with Pinterest home feed
- Fixed issue due to Etsy HTML changes
- Fixed issue with descriptions not being read from SERPs

- Fixed issue with auto-complete drop down not showing the metrics

- Upgraded libraries
- Fixed issue with auto-complete drop down on Google
- Fixed issue with right click context menu functionality

- Fixed issue with PASF widget
- Fixed issue with sidebar widget showing up in Google jobs page
- Fixed issue with YouTube breakdown page in dark mode

- Fixed issue with widgets on Google, YouTube, Bing and DuckDuckGo
- Fixed issue with settings for traffic data and link metrics

- Fixed "Execute Template" button in ChatGPT
- Fixed issue with Analyze Page Content

- Fixed issue with Instagram
- Added Changes for Plans

- Fixed issue with Instagram Hashtag Checker
- Fixed issue with Bing
- Changes to ChatGPT prompt templates

- Fixes for Link/Traffic metrics in Google
- Fixes for Execute button issue in ChatGPT

- New Feature: Prompt templates for ChatGPT
- Fixes for YouTube metrics - Video Insights
- Fixes for Google Trends
- Fixes for Bing

- Changes made for Google's auto-suggest drop down
- YouTube metrics now load when users scroll down
- New trend chart, difficulty metrics, side widgets, link & traffic metrics for Bing

- Fixed bug in Instagram Hashtag Checker
- Changes made for new Google layout

- Changes for manifest v3 for Chrome (No changes for Firefox)
- Moved location of traffic metrics from the top right of the SERP listing to under the SERP listing
- Fixed issue with Bing keyword finder
- Fixed issue with menu link for Instagram hashtag generator

- Fixed Pinterest widgets
- Fixed Instagram Hashtag Generator link
- Fix for
- Fixed issue with Google Trends chart

- Added a new chart in Google Trends which gives you better data using search volume estimates.
- Fixed dark mode theme issues in YouTube

- Changes made for Google changes being rolled out causing issues with Traffic & Link metrics on the SERPs
- Some Amazon browser extensions cause excess credits from being used up. Made changes to accomodate these extensions.

- Bug fixing for backlink feature

- Bug fixing - some URLs were not being picked up correctly for the SEO Difficulty metrics
- Made some changes for Firefox compatibility

- Fixed issue with Moz link metrics showing up on multiple lines
- Fixed issue with SEO Difficulty metrics widget not showing up for some keywords
- New feature (backlink data for all sites) - this will be rolled out slowly over the next month to everyone

- Google Keyword Finder now works in Incognito mode
- Fixed bug where Moz metrics shown multiple times for certain URLs
- Increased delay in YouTube auto-suggest volume to stop too many API calls
- Fixed YouTube bug with YouTube changing URLs of video

- Google changed it's layout causing the right hand side widgets to show up below the footer. Made changes to fix this.
- Trend chart would show data for the US instead of Global. Fixed this.

- Fixed issue with volume data not updating for Etsy search.
- DuckDuckGo - Added support to dark mode.
- Google - Added support for advanced search.

- Fixed issue with Moz link metrics not being shown in Google SERPs after Google changed description HTML.
- Bug fixing in Pinterest.

- New Pinterest Widgets - Search Insights, Trend Chart & Related Pins
- YouTube - show advanced metrics by default in the Search Insights widget
- YouTube - new people also search for widget
- YouTube - changes to metrics calculation due to removal of dislike count
- Fixes for Google SERP HTML changes

- Fixed issue with auto-complete drop down on Amazon.
- Caching auto-complete drop down data so that credits are conserved.

- Pinterest integration - volume data for searches, functionality to find related and long-tail pin topics
- Integration for Google Video & News autocomplete suggestions
- Fixes for Keyword Finder functionality

- Fixed issue with wrong direction of trend columns in autosuggest drop downs
- Bug fixes

- Fixed issue with volumes not showing in Amazon's drop downs
- Fixed issue with SEO Difficulty metrics

- New SEO Difficulty Metrics
- Bug fixes

- Dark theme support for Google
- Fixed issue with Long-Tail keywords widget
- Fixed issue with "Find Keywords" functionality at Google
- Made changes for

- Moz link metrics shown in Google SERPs
- Instagram HashTag Generator available to free users
- Google Trends buttons to get historical volume

- Fixed Issue with YouTube Tags Widget

- Fixed Issue with YouTube Metrics (SEO Score - Description Calculation)
- Added buttons to Google Trends

- Export All YouTube Metrics
- Instagram Hashtag Generator
- Fixed bugs

- Fix for Google auto-suggest volumes

- Fix for eBay auto-suggest volumes

- New YouTube Metrics - Search, SERP & Video Insights
- Get URL & Domain Traffic Metrics in bulk
- More Related Keywords
- Fix for Google auto-suggest volumes
- Fix for eBay auto-suggest volumes

- Google is testing a new version of related keywords. Changes made to support it.

- Sidebar widgets started showing up on Google images after v9.8. Fixed this in v9.9
- Fixed issues with Related Keywords widget

- Fixed issue with "Data Source" option in the settings page. This was broken in v9.6.
- Fixed issue with sidebar showing up over the Google shopping carousel
- Added menu in settings page for easy scrolling to different sections

- Google changed HTML of it's right hand side panel that broke all the widgets. This version fixes that.
- Changes to the settings page layout
- Design improvements for all the tools
- Fixed issue with Keyword Finder functionality

- Google changed it's HTML and broke the PASF keyword widget. This version fixes that.

- Organic traffic data for domains in Google SERP. New menu item to see top 5000 keywords for all domains.
- View top ranking pages for any domain along with organic traffic & top 5000 keywords for every page.
- Competitor Gap Analysis - compare your website with 5 of your top competitors to get keyword ideas.
- New widget to show Trending keywords in Google & YouTube.
- New Related keywords widget for YouTube.
- Added pagination for all widgets shown on the right hand side.
- Changed popup menu for extension

- Google made some changes that broke the Trend chart. Fixed now.

- New widget in Google search results called "Long-Tail Keywords". This shows additional long tail keywords for the search query.
- Fixed YouTube issue for background of some widgets in the dark mode.
- Fixed date issue in export files.
- Google is testing a new version of related keywords. Changes made to support it.
- UI improvements for widgets.

- Google is showing a new version of related keywords to some users. Changes made to support this one.

- The keyword finder tool is now available for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay & Etsy.
- URL metrics feature now supports UK, CA, AU, NZ, ZA & IN

- Fixed issues with URL traffic data not being shown in Google SERPs due to recent changes in the SERP HTML.
- New feature to get historical volume data in bulk (using Google Trends API).
- New long-tail keywords finder tool for

- Fixed issues with Trend chart showing up on Google maps.
- Fixed issue with volume data shown below search box at Amazon.
- Fixed issue with trend chart.

- Fixed issues with Trend chart for UK users.
- Changed URL of page that opens up on first install

- Google is showing different versions of related keywords. Changes made to support all versions.
- YouTube made some changes that broke the Tag widget. Fixed it.

- Google changes broke the Related widget. Fixed the widget.

- Fixed bug in the Trend chart, which would make it show up on Google maps.

- The Trend chart feature is available for free users as well. They can see the trend chart, but not the search volumes.

- New Trend chart feature for Google & YouTube. View search trends from 2004 onwards and copy/download the monthly, weekly, daily and hourly search volumes.

- Google is testing a new UI for Related Keywords. Made changes so that KE works with the new UI.
- The URL keywords can now be seen in Incognito mode

- Google Search HTML change broke the extension. Fixed the same.

- Fixed issue with Answer The Public Pro version
- Fixed issue with Etsy not showing trend data popup

- Trend data
We now show a trend chart for every keyword along with the volume data for all supported websites. This shows you the individual volumes for the last 12 months and helps you gauge whether a keyword is trending or dying. You will also be able to export the individual volumes for the last 12 months.

- Traffic & keyword details for all URLs
With this feature, you will be able to see the estimated monthly organic traffic for any URL as well as the total number of keywords that the URL ranks for. You will also be able to view the top 5000 keywords that bring organic traffic to the URL. Users can see this data for any URL, and this data will be shown inline in Google SERPs as well.

- Fixed issue with YouTube Channel name not being shown in the insights widget
- Fixed other YouTube issues

- Fixed issue with YouTube tags not being shown in YouTube
- Fixed issue with Google Trends - data not being refreshed when user paginates the records

- Fixed issue with PASF widget not showing in Google Search

- Supported Keyword Shitter again (after they reverted back to old domain)
- Fixed issue with YouTube tags widget not closing
- Fixed issue with setting - Location of search metrics

- New websites supported: Yahoo & DuckDuckGo
- Fixed issue with Google Search Console integration

- YouTube - Search insights widget
- YouTube - Tags widget
- YouTube - Dark theme support
- New Highlight settings
- Fixed issues at
- Fixed export file issues (removed commas & periods)
- Fixed miscellaneous bugs

- Fixed issue with search volume not showing in Bing
- Added Related Keywords widget for Bing
- Fixed miscellaneous bugs

- Google Search Console was loading 1000 keywords on page load and users were being charged 1000 credits for this. Fixed this so that credits are charged only for those keywords that the user sees on the page, and volume data is only shown for new keywords on manual navigation.
- Users can now get volume data for Related & PASF widgets on demand. When the settings for these are disabled, a button is shown to show volume data only for all keywords in that widget.
- Fixed issue with Related keyword widget shown on Google maps
- Fixed alignment issue in
- Fixed miscellaneous bugs

- Users did not realize credits are used for volumes shown for suggestions on Google, YouTube, Amazon etc by default. Disabled the setting "Show metrics for suggestions" by default. Users will need to manually enable this to see volumes in suggestions.
- "Google Search Widgets" setting has been changed into two separate settings - "Related Widget (" & "PASF Widget (". This gives users the ability to control volumes shown in these widgets separately.
- When extension is disabled, all links in menu are disabled. This ensures users are not charged any credits due to human error.

- Changes made to comply with Chrome Web Store Policy

- Fix for
- Fix the Export button showing twice in Google Analytics
- Fix for Google Search Console (Pages -> Keywords).

- Fixed issues with Google Search Console
- Supported
- Supported
- Fixed issue with error messages shown when extension is corrupt

- Added ability to choose clickstream data
- Fixed issue with Amazon
- Fixed issue with Search Console

- Fixed bug with Google search widgets
- Fixed bug with Keyword Shitter

- Fixed issue with Google's new fixed search header
- Fixed issue with Google Images search
- Changed file names for export from search widgets
- Show keywords as links in Google search widgets

- Fix the People also search for widget
- Fix issue with AnswerThePublic
- Works on new SSL enabled KeywordShitter
- Made the export and add all keyword buttons draggable
- Keywords with accents show the correct volumes

- Fixed issue with showing metrics in suggest drop down on Mac machines
- Fixed issue with Google Analytics

- Support for new Google Keyword Planner
- Added star icons to Analyze page
- Added support for

- Export CSV button to download all keywords shown on google
- Fixed issue with Enable/Disable metrics
- Fixed issue with Google Search Console

- fixed issue with no data shown at on Mac machines

- Users can download the "People also ask for" keywords and the "Related" keywords in a csv file along with the metrics
- Related keywords are shown as a widget on the right hand side
- Fixed issue with metrics not showing in the etsy search suggestions drop down

- Added the feature to show keywords that people also searched for on Google on the right hand side.
- fixes for GKP

- Fixed issues in AnswerThePublic due to the changes they made

- Fixed issue with the older version of Google Keyword Planner

- Added support for new version of Google Keyword Planner

- Fixed issue with related keywords functionality in Google
- skipped over v6.6 to synchronize chrome & firefox extensions

- Integration with new Google Search Console
- Optimized Analyze this page feature to work with very large pages
- solved certain UI issues with Bing
- new button in bulk upload to add only the highlighted keywords
- multiple small bug fixes
- updated to jquery 3 due to depreciation of jquery 2.x in Firefox

- See metrics directly in the suggest drop downs for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Ebay & Etsy

- Added new functionality to analyze any webpage and get the list of keywords on the page, with their respective densities, volumes, CPC and other metrics.

- added new features. Made changes to add-on to work with these new features

- Added support to Etsy
- Fixed issue with YouTube - metrics bar was shown when no search was performed
- Fixed issue with Amazon - metrics not readable when keywords were highlighted
- Fixed issue with Google Analytics

- Added support for Bing, Youtube, Amazon & Ebay
- Added option to switch countries from the popup window
- Added option to delete unselected keywords from favorites
- Fixed multiple issues

- Fixed bugs
- Made changes for Google trends url change

- User can see up to 5000 records on the favorites page
- User can add keywords to favorites from the bulk upload tool
- Keyword Highlighting works on bulk upload tool
- Fix miscellaneous styling issues

- Support for Google Keyword Planner
- Fixed issues with bulk uploading keywords with underscore
- added ability to delete all keywords in favorite list in one click

- Removed Google Analytics code
- Allow user to change location of metrics under google search box. This fixes the issue that happens when the user has the SEOQuake addon enabled.

added competition metric to all the sites and tool (bulk upload & favorites)

version require for Firefox addon changes. Skipped for Chrome

- user can now edit the keywords in the bulk keyword tool
- user can enable/disable the extension from the popup
- code now supports new website for the extension -
- fixed issues with foreign characters in favorite keywords, add all keywords button in search console, keywords containing periods

- Fixed issues with Google url changes
- Fixed issues with country & currency drop downs in the settings page

- Fixed bug with get keyword data on right click
- Fixed bug with API key validation
- Fixed bug with import keywords functionality
- Setting for user to choose what happens when the icon is clicked

- Ability to highlight keywords based on a minimum volume and/or CPC value
- Ability to add keywords to list of favorites
- Ability to view and delete favorite keywords

- Improved API reliability
- Show 0 as volume when the keyword has no search volume (instead of blank)
- Fixed issues with Google search

- Added option to choose currency to be displayed

- Added a button to validate API Key in settings page
- Show the error message at the top of the page (only at when no valid API key has been set
- Added button to go to settings on the custom keyword page.

- Addition of country specific keyword data. Launched this version with US data. Will be launching new countries every month. Countries scheduled in pipeline - UK, ZA, CA, AU, IN, PL, NZ, IT, ES, DE, NL, BR & FR (in order that they will be added)
- To prevent abuse of the server, every user needs to register for a API key to access the keyword metrics. URL to register API Key -
- Fixed bugs reported by users

- needed to reupload v3.2 as a new version due to issue with chrome store.

- added support for the new (ubersuggest v2)

- fixed mulitple issues related to getting metrics for custom keywords.
- moved certain javascript files to the server thereby reducing size of extension

- added tool where user can enter any number of keywords and the tool will get the keyword data for all of them
- user can download the list of keywords in a CSV, Excel or PDF file format.
- user can copy the entire list of keywords or print them
- user can select any keyword on any website and use the right click context menu to get the metrics for it

- added support for all countries in Google Trends

- fixed UI issues for Soovle

- added support for Google Trends
- added support for
- added support for
- added support for

- Fixed issue with FAQ being shown every time extension was reloaded
- Fixed minor UI issues

- Show FAQ with details on first install
- Fixed minor UI issues on options page

- Fixed issue with incorrect data shown by at
- Added keyword data to Related Searches at Google