#004: Doug Cunnington on the Keyword Golden Ratio


Doug is a multi-talented Digital Marketing Consultant, Project Management Professional, Udemy keyword research Instructor, and Youtuber! He is also a pretty gifted writer on SEO and has had his work featured on all over the web, including Ahrefs, Side Hustle Nation, and more. You might have heard about the Keyword Golden Ratio idea that we’re going to dig into!

In this episode

Doug touches on the following subjects in this podcast:

  • What the Keyword Golden Ratio is and how to apply it to your SEO strategy
  • How he sold his Amazon affiliate site for $235K using white hat SEO for your links
  • How to deal with Google penalties 
  • Why keyword research for Amazon is so important
  • What are niche site and why they’re very lucrative 
  • How he made the shift from developer > consultant > marketer > SEO expert  

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