#001: Cyrus Shepard on Technical SEO and Important SEO Success Factors


Cyrus Shepard is an SEO, online marketer, content publisher, and writer. He was the  Head of the SEO and Content Team at Moz and worked with dozens of both startups and Fortune 500 companies to craft online growth and optimization strategies to increase qualified audience share across inbound channels. Cyrus is also a seasoned speaker and marketing Evangelist at events like MozCon, SMX – Search Marketing Expo, Marketing Festival, Marketing Nation Summit, MnSearch Summit and more.

In this episode

Cyrus touches on the following subjects in this podcast:

  • His breakdown of the best practices for technical SEO
  • Shares the most notable and informational articles on moz.com
  • Describes what SEO success factors and how they are useful to know
  • How to optimize your site architecture for big SEO wins
  • He talks about how to create content that matches a user’s search query
  • Shares his best tips on using Google Search Console to optimize for SEO
  • How he performs A/B testing for SEO
  • How GDPR affects SEO for clients in Europe

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