Keywords Everywhere's SEO Podcast

Jul 09 2018

#001: Cyrus Shepard on Technical SEO and Important SEO Success Factors
Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard is an SEO, online marketer, content publisher, and writer. He was the Head of the SEO and Content Team at Moz and worked with dozens of both startups and Fortune 500 companies to craft online growth and optimization strategies to increase qualified audience share across inbound channels. Cyrus is also a seasoned speaker and marketing Evangelist at events like MozCon, SMX – Search Marketing Expo, Marketing Festival, Marketing Nation Summit, MnSearch Summit and more.

Cyrus touches on the following subjects in this podcast:

  • His breakdown of the best practices for technical SEO
  • Shares the most notable and informational articles on
  • Describes what SEO success factors and how they are useful to know
  • How to optimize your site architecture for big SEO wins
  • He talks about how to create content that matches a user’s search query
  • Shares his best tips on using Google Search Console to optimize for SEO
  • How he performs A/B testing for SEO
  • How GDPR affects SEO for clients in Europe
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July 10 2018

#002: Dan Shure on Keyword Research For Content Marketing
Dan Shure

Dan Shure is the owner of Evolving SEO and keyword research guru! Dan has been helping organizations large and small conquer SEO problems since 2007 as well as being a pretty prominent Moz resident. Dan is also the host of his podcast ‘Experts on the Wire‘.

Dan touches on the following subjects in this podcast:

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July 11 2018

#003: John Doherty on Processes and Tools used for Competitor Analysis for SEO
John Doherty

John Doherty is an SEO powerhouse with over a decade of experience in the game. He has also led marketing and growth on marketplaces with over 10 million+ visitors a month and was formerly the lead growth manager at Trulia Rentals, head of marketing at HotPads, and head of and senior consultant at Distilled NYC.

John touches on the following subjects in this podcast:

  • The tools, processes, and metrics he uses for competitor analysis in SEO
  • How to match companies with the right SEOs and vice versa
  • His tips on how marketing agencies and freelancers can get more clients
  • The common mistakes that both freelancers and clients make when attracting the right SEO talent
  • How he juggles it all - being a writer, consultant, trainer and CEO
  • How to keep calm, balanced and destress from the unpredictability of the SEO
  • His top tips on staying ahead of the game and maintaining a high level or productivity
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Aug 11 2018

#004: Doug Cunnington on the Keyword Golden Ratio
Doug Cunnington

Doug is a multi-talented Digital Marketing Consultant, Project Management Professional, Udemy keyword research Instructor, and Youtuber! He is also a pretty gifted writer on SEO and has had his work featured on all over the web, including Ahrefs, Side Hustle Nation, and more. You might have heard about the Keyword Golden Ratio idea that we're going to dig into!

Doug touches on the following subjects in this podcast:

  • What the Keyword Golden Ratio is and how to apply it to your SEO strategy
  • How he sold his Amazon affiliate site for $235K using white hat SEO for your links
  • How to deal with Google penalties
  • Why keyword research for Amazon is so important
  • What are niche site and why they’re very lucrative
  • How he made the shift from developer > consultant > marketer > SEO expert
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Aug 19 2018

#005: Helium SEO on how machine learning and AI has made it easier to automate mundane SEO tasks
Helium SEO

Timothy J Warren is the CEO Helium SEO and previously was in school to become a doctor. In 2016 he sold his first company SEO exposed and has 8 years of experience in SEO and has worked to improve the online marketing strategies of billion-dollar firms.

Paul DeMott is CTO of Helium SEO with 7+ years of experience in consulting on SEO and performance marketing advertising campaigns. He is a software developer by trade but has been interested in SEO since he was in middle school. Has since been building software for SEO and affiliate marketing in the hopes of automating mundane processes.

Timothy & Paul touch on the following subjects in this podcast:

  • They verify if SSL certificate is a new important ranking factor (as announced by Google)
  • How PageRank will forever be one of the most important SEO metric
  • Their tips on how to perform competitor analysis based on anchor text ratio
  • How linkbuilding is an effective SEO practice but how to do it in the most efficient way
  • How machine learning and AI has made it easier to automate mundane SEO processes to speed up your tasks
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