Nick Eubanks Testimonial

How do I use this addon with Moz's Open Site Explorer?

Once you have installed the browser addon, go to Open Site Explorer and search for any url. When the results come up, click on the "Anchor Text" link in the left side navigation. This loads all the anchor text keywords for the url. If you have the addon installed, you will find two new columns - Monthly Volume and CPC in the table with the data. These columns show the metrics you want. See image below.

Moz Anchor Text Keyword Volume and CPC

Daragh Walsh Testimonial

Here is a recap of all the features that you get from our extension

  • Country specific search volume data on the keyword tool of your choice
  • 'Favorite' option that saves your keywords and allows you to export keywords in bulk
  • 'Adds all keywords' option that allows you to add all keywords found on the page

I love this tool. How can I show you my appreciation?

It would be awesome if you could write a review on the Chrome Extension Review page and/or the Firefox Add-on Review page and/or share us through your favorite social network below. We would love any help to get the word around.