Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword Gap Analysis is an SEO keyword research process where you find valuable keywords that some of your competitors rank for & you do not rank for.

This is often one of the first steps taken when doing keyword research because it does not take much time, and allows you to benefit from the years of keyword research that your competitors have done.

The basic idea is that if all the top 3 of your competitors rank for certain keywords, then it's very likely that those are keywords they find profitable and so are the ones you should rank for as well. This tutorial will help you find exactly those keywords

1. Click the "Keyword Gap Analysis" menu item in Keywords Everywhere's menu popup

Keyword Gap Analysis Menu Item

2. Enter your website & choose up to 5 competitors

Enter the starting letters of your website in the text box, and a drop down will show all matching websites. Choose your website from this drop down. Do the same for up to 5 competitors.

Choose competitors for Keyword Gap Analysis

3. Click the "Find Keywords For My Website" button

The page will take a few minutes to find all keywords that your competitors rank for and that you do not. You will finally see a result as shown in the screenshot below - a complete list of these keywords, their positions & traffic for respective competitors as well as their search volume & other metrics

Keyword Gap Analysis result