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Pick a package below to top up your credits

1 Credit = 1 Keyword. Credits expire after one year.

100,000 credits

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18.0 cents for 1000 credits


500,000 credits

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16.0 cents for 1000 credits


1 million credits

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15.0 cents for 1000 credits


2 million credits

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Frequently Asked Questions on Payment

One credit gets you the volume, cpc, competition & 12 month trend data for one keyword.

So, for example if you import 1000 keywords into our Bulk Keywords Data tool, you will use up 1000 credits.

Credits are used on all the websites where we show the volume, cpc and competition data. So if you do a google search for a keyword that shows you 20 people also ask for keywords, and 8 related keywords, then you will use up 1 + 20 + 8 = 29 credits for that one search.

You can also setup Keywords Everywhere for extremely low usage.

When you run out of credits or all your credits expire, Keywords Everywhere will simply stop showing you volume, cpc and competition. It will however, continue showing you keywords in the PASF & Related keywords widgets

Once you purchase credits, they are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

If you've purchased credits on different dates, then the older credits will be used first, and the newer ones only after the older credits are exhausted.

You can see when the credits are going to expire, by clicking the "Stats & Invoices" link in Keywords Everywhere's menu link. In the Stats page, click on the "Credits Left" tab to view the schedule of expirations.

Paddle is our payment gateway, and you can pay via Credit card, Debit card or PayPal through them. Market Limited ("Paddle") is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. If you purchase Keywords Everywhere’s credits, your payment is conducted by Paddle.

Yes. Paddle is our official reseller company, and it collects taxes for customers that are located in specific countries.

Please check their documentation for detailed information on the various additional taxes collected based on your country. In many cases, if you enter a valid VAT/GST ID, then the additional tax is not collected by Paddle.

Sometimes it takes a little longer for Paddle to authenticate the transaction. Once this is done, your account will automatically get credits. In case there are any issues, Paddle will email you and let you know if the transaction is being reviewed or on hold for some reason

Everytime the extension gets volume data for a single keyword, one credit will be used up. A credit will be used up irrespective of whether the keyword has any search volume.

  • On websites such as YouTube, Amazon etc where you enter only a single keyword, and see the volume under the search bar, only one credit will be used.
  • On, where you see the Related, People also search for, & Long-tail keyword widgets, one credit will be used for the main search query, and one credit for every keyword shown in these widgets. As an example, when you do a search and you see 8 keywords in the Related widget, 20 keywords in the PASF widget & 25 keywords in the Long-tail widget, you will be charged 1 (original query) + 8 + 20 + 25= 54 credits.
  • For websites like Google Search Console, it depends on how many keywords are shown on the page. If you are seeing 500 keywords on the page, then 500 credits will be used
  • When volume data is shown in search suggestions, e.g. Google AutoComplete, as many credits will be used up as the number of keywords shown in the suggestion drop down. This can be disabled in the settings page by disabling the "Show metrics for search suggestions" checkbox.
  • The credits used by Bulk Keywords Data feature is simple - you use up only as many credits as the number of keywords you've entered
  • The Analyze Page Content feature will use as many credits as the total number of keywords found on the page. Note that depending on the content you are analyzing this can use up a Lot of credits very quickly.
  • Everytime you see the keywords in your "My Favorite Keywords" page, the software gets the latest volume data. In this case, we charge only 1/4 the total number of keywords shown on the page. For e.g. if you see 20 keywords on the page, then we only deduct 5 credits from your account. This is done so as to stop potential abuse of the "My Favorite Keywords" section, since the latest data is always fetched.

While the extension is enabled, it will continuously use up credits based on your usage. A quick way to stop this is to disable the extension by clicking on the "K" icon, and then clicking "off" at the top of the menu. When the extension is disabled in this fashion, no API calls are made and therefore no credits are used up.

That said, most users have a low enough usage of credits that it might not make sense doing enabling and disabling the extension