Five Free Features Launched in 2024

I’ve got some exciting updates to share with you today! Let’s get started.

1. Instagram Engagement Metrics

Elevate your Instagram strategy with our transformative Engagement Rate metric.

By analyzing the average likes and comments per post in relation to your total follower count, this tool provides a powerful gauge of your content’s effectiveness, offering a detailed overview of your social media influence.

Our dynamic metrics continuously refresh as you explore your Instagram feed. Simply scroll to reveal more posts, and observe as the data instantly updates to incorporate these fresh insights.

This ensures you always access the most up-to-date and pertinent information, empowering you to make informed decisions to boost your Instagram presence.

2. Twitter Engagement Metrics

Ready to transform your Twitter strategy?

We launched the Twitter/X Engagement Metric Widget in early march. This powerful widget is your gateway to deep insights into Twitter engagement, ideal for competitive analysis and optimizing your social media impact.

Whether you’re looking to outshine competitors or enhance your Twitter presence, this is your essential tool. Stay ahead of the curve by making informed decisions based on real-time, actionable data.

3. Pinterest Pin Metrics

Great news for those looking to elevate their Pinterest strategy!

We show useful data on every single Pin image on Pinterest, allowing you to tailor your Pinterest activities more effectively, ensuring every pin is poised for success.

Harness these insights to refine your Pinterest strategy, boost engagement, and achieve your marketing goals with precision.

4. YouTube Summary via Claude, Gemini and ChatGPT

Dive into video summaries instantly with ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude.

Now, you can grasp the essence of any YouTube video at a glance, saving you precious time.

Whether you’re deciding which video to watch next or just want a quick overview, we’ve got you covered. Experience the future of efficient video browsing today!

5. Prompt Templates for Gemini & Claude

We’re excited to announce the launch of prompt templates for Gemini and Claude

As these two Large Language Models have captured the hearts of many over the past few months, your requests haven’t gone unnoticed.

Our new prompt templates are designed to enhance your experience, making it even easier to harness the full potential of Gemini and Claude.

Start exploring these custom-designed prompts today and see how they can streamline your interactions!